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Export Import License Application Procedure in Malaysia

Export Import License Application Malaysia
Export Import License Application Malaysia

Who likes to do export and import business in Malaysia as local and foreigners must obtain license from MITI. Remember, additional Halal license is required to get Halal goods import and export license. Directly application submission to MITI is not allowed unless supporting papers are available. Register Sdn Bhd company as FDI policy in Malaysia in case of foreigners as SSM copies are needed to apply of license. You must know Malaysia is business hub after Singapore, China, and Hong Kong in Asia. Opening business in Malaysia is easier and international banking facilities is extra beauty of trading. You might use seaport and air as your choice but mention the location before submission of license application. Applicant (expert) who relates to Dabang Net is eligible to start processing of submission. Expected 1-2 months need to obtain license from department. Total cost including government, professional and miscellaneous fees do not exceed of RM 4000.

Export Import Malaysia

Application procedure

A prescribe form JK69 given by custom must fill up and attach SSM copies including form 24 & 49. Once submission is completed pay fees in counter and double check supporting papers are attached properly.

Supporting papers

  • Certificate of origin where goods or machineries will be exported from
  • Photograph of goods
  • Invoice & purchase order
  • Approval letter (if any from concern department)
  • Sample of goods
  • Declare of port will be used for

MITI Address:

Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
Level 2, Menara MITI, No. 7, Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Import tax in Malaysia start from zero to 6 percent and there are thousand plus items of goods are tax free. Service companies’ tax is payable if annual turn over goes to 500000.

Business setup as FDI law

Yes, import and export license is manageable but without foundation I mean company incorporation as FDI law go ahead is suicide. Take advisory about registering Sdn Bhd company according to nature of business as 1 million or 350000 investment are required be sure. Whether local partner is needed or not is not confirm and why do you like to allocate company share to local who is unknown. Speak with team of S & F Consulting Firm about setting up business and require licenses as needs. To apply of signboard (DBKL, MBPJ) license tenancy agreement is must and that agreement is needed to apply of export and import license as well. In case of retail and import export, businesses must WRT license are need and to obtain WRT investment capital (Paid up) must 1 million as foreign share holding companies. 1 million capital is not applicable when local, Malaysian partner hold 51 percent of shares. Besides, SSM copies must provide to apply of residence visa (employment pass) and company must be formed as FDI law. Halal License is must to sell meat, water, beverage items and food and obtaining license follow guideline of FDI law.

Assign forwarding agent to release goods and use store of custom and sell them inside of Malaysia or export overseas. SST is 6 percent already known by all so, let start business and enjoy rebate and tax holidays. ASEAN countries and those are triparty agreement relationship will enjoy taxation and all benefits.

Prohibition imports

  • Bank note, coin, and currency
  • Piranha fish
  • Turtle egg, Cocoa pods, Pulasan, Longan, Draggers, knives
  • Sodium, Quran, Pen, Pencil, Poisonous chemical, radioactive materials.

Import and export of drugs like morphine, heroin, candu, marijuana etc strictly prohibited and prescribe drugs are allowed by permission of health ministry, Malaysia.

Following items are required permission from relevant ministry to get import and import license:

  • Animal, birds, poultry, cockles, meat, vegetables
  • Plants, military cloths, sugar, rice, arms, live prawn
  • Botanical, zoological, mineralogical archaeological etc.

Contact expert to guide you for import export license:

S & F CONSULTING FIRM ASIA SDN BHD, SFM CONSULTING FIRM SDN BHD, A-03-13, Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Land line: +60378860995, Phone: +601136901890 (WhatsApp).